Pricing for woodwind and brass musical instrument repairs
A 50% deposit is required before any musical instrument repair or adjustment work is performed. This is to cover the cost of parts and materials. We prefer payment via PayPal, but special arrangements can be made for check or money order payment. The deposit and paid-in-full invoices will be sent via e-mail. For a list of services we perform, see our services page.

We make online payment easy and secure by using PayPal. Pay with your existing PayPal account, or use a major credit card of your choice (American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa). When you receive your invoice(s), follow the instructions to pay securely at PayPal’s website. (PayPal account not required to pay.)

Dealer Pricing

Dealer pricing is available for musical instrument retail dealers. Price list is available upon request.

Retail Pricing

Brass Instrument Repad  
Soprano & Alto Saxophone $285  
Tenor & C-Melody Saxophone $335  
Baritone Saxophone $425  
Bass Saxophone $660  
Woodwind Repad Overhaul
Eb & Bb Clarinet $165 $220
Alto Clarinet $190 $270
Bass Clarinet $290 $355
Eb Contra Bass Clarinet $425 $480
Bb Contra Bass Clarinet $425 $480
Flute (closed hole) $165 $220
Flute (open hole) $185
$210 b Foot
Alto Flute $200 $250
Piccolo $175 $220
Oboe $240 $365
Oboe Full Conservatory $310 $420
Bassoon $310 $400
Woodwind Body Repairs Body Repair  
Crack Repair $105  
Bb Clarinet Tenon Replacement $110  
Bassoon, Oboe & Bass Clarinet Tenon Replacement $175  

Additions to Price Listings

• Playing condition for all brass and woodwind musical instruments is charged at
  “time and material”
• Case repairs are charged at “time and material”
• Prices for new cases are available upon request
• Minimum charge for repair is $50.00

Shipping Information

The best method of shipping is UPS ground or FedEx. Motor freight may also be used for very large instruments. Be sure to enclose your repair instructions with the instruments. Please do not attach repair instructions to the outside of the carton. We suggest that you insure the instrument for its full value. We will return the instrument to you using UPS ground. All shipping related costs are the responsibility of the customer. McBride Music Company is located in Woodstock, Illinois. Shipping address will be provided when service has been requested.

Request Repair Service

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